• Telemedicine for Anterior Eye Diseases: National Institutes of Health grant (5K23EY023596-02) to Maria Woodward, MD
  • MISight Portable Eye Camera Development: Fostering Innovation Grant, University of Michigan to Maria Woodward, MD and Sejal Amin, MD (co-investigators: Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD, MS, Roland Chen, PhD)
  • An Integrated Approach to Improving Vision in Children: W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant P321089 to Paul Lee, MD, JD (project director: David Musch, PhD)
  • Efficacy of Wide-field Retinal Imaging (WFRI) in the diagnosis of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) on a mobile imaging platform: Pfizer Collaborative Research Fellowship, ARVO grant to Cagri Besirli, MD, PhD
  • Deep-monitoring chronic disease in underserved and remote populations: Global Challenges Grant, University of Michigan to David Burke, PhD (co-investigators: Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD, MS, Maria A. Woodward, MD)
  • Automated Diplopia Assessment System (ADAS): Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Michigan Corporate Relations Network Small Company Innovation Program grant to Lindset DeLott, MD and David Burke, PhD